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  • In adherence to the perishable nature of our products, returns are regrettably not accepted once delivery is successfully completed.
  • Returns are permissible exclusively in the event of customers receiving tempered or expired products. We kindly request image and video proof to initiate the return process.
  • The order will automatically be returned in the event of the customer or any designated recipient being unavailable after multiple delivery attempts.
  • In cases of any operational lapse on the delivery partner’s side leading to an unsuccessful delivery, the order will be duly returned.
  • Orders are subject to return if customers provide incorrect contact or address details. Immediate notification is requested to facilitate timely corrections via call/WhatsApp/email.


  • Timely delivery is our commitment, and if a customer does not receive their order within 14 days due to operational issues on our delivery partner’s side, a full refund will be promptly issued.
  • For prepaid customers deliberately refusing delivery, deductions will be made for forward shipping charges and RTO charges, with the remaining amount refunded.
  • Deliberate refusal of delivery by COD customers may result in being blacklisted from future orders.
  • In instances where customers receive expired or tempered products, complete documentation through image and video proof is required before initiating the refund process.
  • In the event of customers providing incorrect contact or address details without notifying us for correction, resulting in the return of the order, deductions for forward shipping charges and RTO charges will apply, with the remaining amount refunded.


  • Once the order is dispatched, cancellation is not feasible. Customers desiring to cancel an order must promptly inform us via call/WhatsApp/email.
  • Unverified COD orders will be automatically canceled.
  • We retain the right to cancel any order we cannot fulfill without providing prior notice, whether prepaid or COD.
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